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 >> Commercial slide door by Teraoka

Teraoka is the leading automatic doors manufacturer from Japan,
our partner in commercial access solution focusing on amenity and safety.

Automatic slide gate
Automatic slide gate swinged to open fully
Teraoka, Japen

Automatic swing gate that can be manually swinged to open fully

* Photos and drawings shown above are intellectual property of Teraoka Autodoor Inc., Japan

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 Safety first
periodic test of garage door for safety compliance
Test your garage door periodically
 New product
Secret hidden door
Move a book to open hidden passageway
 Electric gate
Example of garden garage installed in Hong Kong, swing gate, remote control garden gate, automatic garden gate, automated swing gate
Open gate with remote control from your car
 Automated garage
choose your garage: sectional garage door, canopy garage door, rolling shutter garage door, idle garage for your house
How to choose the best garage

Some trouble could be DIY easily, other may need our professional help

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