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From drawing board... ...to reality  
HKDI 3-leaf telescopic shop drawing Automatic 3-leaf telescopic gate
HKDI 3-leaf telescopic  (2022)
Shop Drawing Beacon Hill Main Entrance Beacon Hill Mont Verra
Beacon Hill Mont Verra  (2022)
Drawing, St. Paul's Nersery, Tai Po St. Paul's Nursery St. Paul's Nursery (2021)
Shop Drawing Renlita S3000 Square Mile Renlita S3000
Square Mile Renlita Vertical Bifold  (2021)
Hi-speed slide gate Slide gate with Tousek TPS 40Pro
Hi-speed slide gate  (2020)
  Swing + Telescopic slide gate
Swing + Telescopic Slide gate  (2020)
Renlita S-3000 shop drawing New Worl Museum Renlita S-3000 under construction
K11 Renlita Vertical Bifold (2019)
Jockey Club Cong Hua Jockey Club Cong Hua curved gate
Jockey Club Cong Hua curved gate (2018)
Uphill slide gate, Kwun Fat Street Uphill slide gate
Proprietary uphill slide gate (2018)
Jockey Club Tai Kwun drawing  Jockey Club Tai Kwun 
Jockey Club Tai Kwun (2018)
K4 rated security gate by Avon UK K4 security gate in TKO
K4 rated security gate (2017)
Uphill slide gate, Little Palm Uphill slide gate
Uphill slide gate: (patent pending)
Curved slide gate   Curved slide gate 
Curved slide gate: (patent pending)
Cantilever gate Wonderlee on-slope Cantilever Gate
19 meter cantilever gate: (2017)
Telescopic Gate at Pokfulam Peak Wonderlee Counter Balanced Gate
8 meter telescopic gate: (2016)
Counter Balanced slide gate  Wonderlee Counter Balanced Gate 
6 meter counter balanced slide gate: (2016)
Telescopic Gate Rev.C  Wonderlee Telescopic Gate 
6 meter telescopic gate: (2016)
Telescopic Gate Rev.C  Wonderlee Telescopic Gate 
6 meter telescopic gate: (2016)
Shek-O Slide Gate Shop Drawing Rev.F  Wonderlee Slide Gate 
8 meter Renlita Sovereign, Shek-O: (2016)
Shek-O Renlita Stacking Door  Renlita Sovereign stacking door 
5 meter Renlita Sovereign, Shek-O: (2016)
Shop drawing to BD minor works A&A Holiday Inn fold gate
6 meter fold gates at Holiday Inn: (2015)
SHK Riva shop drawing Automatic gates at SHK Riva
5 meter auto gates at Riva: (2015)
Martin Doos USA Pinnacle Martin garage door
Martin Doors from USA: (2015)
Renlita Floataway door made in USA Renlita Door
Renlita door from USA: (2015)
Shop drawing of Devon Road automatic gates  Classic swing gates at Devon Road
2 sets of swing gates: (2014)
Julia shop drawing Automatic fold gate
6 meter fold gate for Kadoorie Outlook: (2014)
14.5m slide gate shop drawing  14.5 slide gate powered by LiftMaster SLY3500 
14.5 meter automatic slide gate: (2014)
Martin Athena shop drawing  Martin Athena aluminium-glass doors 
5 meter Martin garage doors at Kam Sheung Road: (2014)
Shop drawing of slide gate Automatic slide gate, wood with stainless steel trim
5 meter wood slide gate: (2013)
 Martin shop drawing  Martin garage door  
5 meter Martin garage door at Constellation Cove: (2013)
Automatic slide gate at Valais Bipart slide gate from inside 
8 meter bipart slide gate: (2013)
Shop drawing of copper slide gate Copper slide gate at Waterloo Road, Kowloon
5 meter copper slide gate: (2013)
Automatic slide gate at Valais Automatic slide gate at Valais 
Slide gates at Valais: (2013)
Sectional garage door with wicket door garage door with wicket door
4 meter garage door: (2013)
shop drawing of swing gate swing gate with GSM intercom
2 meter swing gate: (2013)
swing fold gate shop drawing swing fold gate
6 meter swing-fold gate: (2013)
Shop drawing of CNC mathematically generated pattern slide gate  slide gate with CNC mathematically generated pattern 
4 meter slide gate: (2013)
Shop drawing of slide gate with matching side gate Slide gate with steel frame and wood infill 
5 meter slide gate: (2013)
As-built shop drawing of slide gate slide gate mock-up for SHK
4 meter slide gate: (2013)
As-built shop drawing of fold gate for SHK Fold gate mock-up for SHK
5 meter fold gate: (2013)
Drawing of fold gate 7m fold gate by remote control
7 meter fold gate: (2012)
drawing of 8m electrically operated slide gate at SIS 8m GMS slide gate at Singapore International School
8 meter slide gate at Singapore International School: (2012)
Shop drawing folding gate with wicket door  Steel frame wood cladding folding gate 
5 meter fold gate: (2012)
Drawing of 4m wide 1-piece aluminum garage door 4m 1-piece aluminum garage door
4 meter 1-piece garage door: (2012)
Drawing of 5m automatic swing gate 5.5m bipart swing gate with LiftMaster SCS300 opener at Lantau, Hong Kong
5 meter bi-part swing gate: (2012)
Drawing of 4m sectional garage door, wood pattern flush panel Sectional overhead garage door with wood patterned flush panel
4 meter sectional overhead garage door: (2012)
Bi-fold swing gate drawing Folding gate by Wonderlee
5 meter bi-part folding gate: (2012)
drawing for installation of bi-parting slide gate  Bi-parting slide gate with 2 LiftMaster SLY 300 electric opener with remote control 
5 meter bi-part slide gate: (2012)
Drawing of 5.2m 1-piece garage door on a slope 5.2m Aluminum-glass 1-piece garage door on a slope
5.2m Aluminum-glass 1-piece garage door: (2012)
drawing of garage door on a slope in Tai Po garage tilt door on a slope
4.7m Aluminum-wood-like 1-piece garage door: (2012)
wood slide gate with steel frame wood slide gate with LiftMaster SLY300 electric opener
4 meter slide gate: (2012)
Tilt garage door tinted glasses drawing  Tilt garage door with tinted glasses
4.5m Aluminum-glass 1-piece garage door: (2012)
Drawing of tilt garage door in wood and tempered glasses Aluminum frame, wood panels and tempered glasses garage door
2.7m Aluminum-wood-glass garage tilt door: (2012)
Drawing of biparting wood slide gate Biparting slide gate example in Hong Kong
7 meter biparting slide gate: (2011)
shop-drawing of sectional Aluminum-tempered glass garage door beautiful garage door
4.5 meter sectional Aluminum-glass door: (2011)
From drawing board ... ... to reality, beautiful Aluminum-glass garage doors
2.6 meter canopy Aluminum-glass door: (2010)
Shop drawing of 1-piece canopy garage door made with Aluminum and frosted tempered glasses Inside look of garage with 1-piece canopy door, very well lighted
4.5 meter Aluminum-glass garage tilt door: (2010)
Drawing of copper door copper door
Copper swing door for Siheyuan: 2010)
Painstakingly making the gate at factory  Bi-parting swing gate with LiftMaster LYN 400
3.6 meter bi-parting wooden swing gate: (2009)
biparting slide gate shop drawing bi-parting slide gate in Hong Kong
3.8 meter bi-parting wrought iron swing gate: (2009)
St. Peter Church drawing
8 meter steel slide gate: (2009)
before installing an automated garage after installing an automated garage door in Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Steel garage door: (2009)
before installing an Aluminum-glass garage door Aluminum-glass garage door at Stanley, Hong Kong
Aluminum-glass garage door: (2008)
making of stainless steel-wood slide gate at factory Stainless steel and wood slide gate
Stainless steel and wood sliding gate: (2008)
Before installing an automatic swing gate after installing an automatic swing gate
Stainless steel and glass swing gate: (2007)
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