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 >> The world's finest, safest doors
the world's finest, safest door
Made in the USA, Martin’s high quality garage doors are The world's finest, safest doors. We are proud to be the authorized dealer.


the world's finest, safest door
Martin offers an extensive line of copper and glass garage doors. Our award winning designs are something you’ll want to tell your friends about.
Martin builds a door that is green, handles high winds and the elements and is adaptable to conditions throughout the world. Many models come with a lifetime warranty. Its value makes it a best buy for the consumer.
Look as good inside as outside
Martin offers optional powder coated hardware to give a finishing touch to your garage. Tracks, track brackets, spring brackets and bearing plates are in matching color of the garage door.
Multi-layer protective coating system of Martin Door
Martin Door paint finish has superior UV protection and corrosion resistance and the lasting, most durable finish available.
The UL listing, combined with ISO9001 registration
The UL listing assures all consumers that a Martin door system is both electronically and mechanically safer. The full and complete lines of electric garage door systems cover a size range in all models listed from 8' wide by 7' high, through 20' wide and 12' high.
The UL listing, combined with ISO9001 registration, makes Martin Door the only door manufacturer in the world to have the dual designation.

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 Safety first
periodic test of garage door for safety compliance
Test your garage door periodically
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Martin Aluminum garage door with glass panel
 Electric gate
Example of garden garage installed in Hong Kong, swing gate, remote control garden gate, automatic garden gate, automated swing gate
Open gate with remote control from your car
 Automated garage
choose your garage: sectional garage door, canopy garage door, rolling shutter garage door, idle garage for your house
How to choose the best garage

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